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Hisham was a travel enthusiast who wanted to share his love for Saudi Arabia with others. He created a travel website called VisitSaudia.net, inspired by the official tourism site of Saudi Arabia. He offered comprehensive and reliable information about flights, hotels, and car rentals in Saudi Arabia. He also promoted the latest attractions and events in Saudi, such as the Jeddah Events 2023. His website became popular among travelers who appreciated his user-friendly, informative, and attractive platform. He received positive feedback and recognition for his work. He continued to travel and discover new places in Saudi Arabia.

Our mission

Our mission is to help travelers discover the beauty and diversity of Saudi Arabia. We provide a convenient and trustworthy platform to search and book flights, hotels, and car rentals in Saudi Arabia. We also offer comprehensive and up-to-date information about the attractions and events in Saudi Arabia. We aim to inspire travelers to explore Saudi Arabia and experience its rich culture, history, and nature.

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